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EC1D23Tier 1 Sponsors

Shirin Kamali

Shirin is an Organizer of Startup Weekend Berlin. She Graduated from
Institude of Design Berlin in Communications-Design in September 2013.
During her studies she already started doing stuff with Startup Weekend
Berlin and Loved it, so she became an Organizer her self and also
started to build Startup Germany (still work in progress!)
She is Proud to be a part of this world because she belives in new ideas
and growing this new ideas.


Ali Jahedi

Startup Mentor & Supervisor of ICT Incubator   |  LinkedIn

Ali Jahedi is currently Supervisor of ICT Incubator on Khorasan Science and Technology Park. After 12 years experience serving to numerous CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Organizations as an CIO or Advisor, Now Ali has Focused on Mentoring & Supporting early-stage startup Companies across on their Development Process (Ideation to Incubation to Commercialization) and Creating Innovative Business Models.

Mehdi Mohamadi

Startup Mentor & IT Expert   |  LinkedIn

Mehdi is currently an Entrepreneurship lecturer , his research focuses on digital entrepreneurship, Commercialization process in SMEs and IT for startups.
Mehdi is CEO at Greenweb Co. ,he is also co-founder of and

Tier 3 Sponsors

Ashk Fathi

Startup Mentor   |  LinkedIn

Ashk is an experienced technology startup mentor. He has advised and helped a lot of startups at Jahad Incubator Center. Ashk is very passionate to support startups to succeed.
He is a great public speaker and his recent speech during Iran Web Conference about "Startups Life Cycle" has attracted a lot of attention from the community.

Mahdi Alipour Sakhavi

Startup Mentor & The Founder Of Avaabook   |  Google+

Mahdi Alipour is the CEO of Ideapardazan Co and Director of Innovation ,research and development in Negin Co.He is one of the founders of Avaabook startup. He has a master degree in E-MBA and End Entrepreneurship based on Technology from Tehran university. He is an agile coach with 5 years practical experience.he is an specialist in designing innovative products based on right needs. he also loves designing innovative business models and UX.Now he is an individual venture capital who invests in startup Projects.

Nasser Ghanemzadeh

Startup Mentor & Lean Startup Expert   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Nasser is an experienced startup mentor. He has deep knowledge on Lean Startup and he has been organizing several workshops on those topics in all over Iran.

Nasser has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to use lean startup practices to reach success.

Soroush Ayoubi

Entrepreneur, Solution Provider   |  LinkedIn

Soroush has achieved a lot of experience in web development and project management due of collaborating with some companies to provide IT solutions since 2000. He was production manager of some famous Iranian websites like,,, His close friends call him soroution.
Ayoubi launched his first startup - mindudio - with Aydin Habibi. At present, Soroush is co-founder and chairman of sisarv (providing healthcare marketing and advertising). He also gives advice to companies on e-commerce and business development. Studying at software engineering and MBA convinced Soroush to believe that IT and MBA are essential elements for creating a brilliant future. These days, Soroush is more focused on providing solutions for companies in the field of online branding, online marketing and online advertising.

Mehdi Atri

Network Instructor, Consultant & ICT Specialist   |  

Mehdi Atri is a Microsoft Early Achievers Gold Card holder and also Microsoft Charter Member in network technologies based on Server 2008 and 2012. He has achieved 23 international certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA Co.
Atri spent more than 14 years on effective executive and educational activities concerning IT.
He was the trainer of more than 1200 IT experts and interested students in networking in Khorasan province and Kish island.
He is the founder and the first instructor of professional network courses in many specialized centers in Khorasan province.
Atri is the president and CEO of Gostareh Danesh IT Co., and also the vice chairman of Kish Persian Co. He has provided and founded the new ways in developing IT knowledge with the belief of being different in leading education.
From his point of view, the secret of success is consistency and continuity in the target direction, not only the amount of effort!

Milad Safarzadeh

User Interface Designer and Front-end Developer   |  LinkedIn

Milad is Primarily a User Interface Designer and Front-end Developer. He Believes that Art and technology are now interlinked more than ever before and He Tries to Use Art in his Works. Milad is also a Web Analyst and Inbound Marketer, He is a Google Qualified Web Analyst and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is One of the Members of "Boice", Winner of first Startup Weekend of Iran.

Javad Amel

CEO at Rajman Information Structures

Javad Amel is co-founder and CEO of Rajman Information Structures. He has experience of more than 8 years in ‌B2B market. In addition of being operative officer, he himself was responsible for R&D and business development. He has Msc in Software engineering as academic education and his specialized domains are intelligent systems and soft computing. Many projects such as spatial data infrastructures for ITS in Iran metropolises and intelligent university timetabling were planned and conducted by him.

Mehrdad Safar Mohammad Loo

CEO and Co-founder of Persheh Pardazesh, Mobile Developer and UI Designer   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mehrdad Safar Mohammad loo is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Persheh Pardazesh Khavaran Co. He created KIOSK Newsreader and TOOP mobile applications.
He is active in the field of design and software development for smart phones ,web and graphic. Mehrdad is specializes at User Interface design and User Experience for mobile softwares.

Ali Mihandoost

Web teacher, adviser and of course a web developer   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Ali is a web teacher, adviser and of course a web developer.
Ali loves web technology and he believes that is the most effective one on the future of all technologies. He got started on the programming before he go to school and now, he is member of Mozilla (Firefox OS), Google (Android), Apple (Safari) and Intel (Tizen) developers network.
He launched a consulting firm to help entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations and invested into startups.
He Loves teaching, But most of all – He simply loves to do cool stuff on the Web and to work with great people.

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